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Surrey Storytellers
A Storytelling Club for Adults, in Ewell, Surrey

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26th January 2018
Catherine Chadwick
The Necklace of the Brisings
Freya had to have the incomparable golden necklace crafted by dwarves in Midgard. Never before had she seen anything so beautiful and she was prepared to strike an unusual bargain to make it hers. Little did she know what the consequences of her vanity would be.
Jeremy Harte
Holy and Otherwise
Sturdy monks rescue a maiden in distress – with a difference. Jack comes home from college and wins a young lady using his degree in advanced larceny. The happy endings of these two stories prove that Property Is Theft (or vice versa)
23 March 2018

Effie Gemi-Iordanou

How Odin got his groove back

The mead of poetry is gone - how can Asgard go on? Odin, High God of the Norse, is determined to get it back. Follow him on a quest filled with murder, trickery, and seduction.
23 February 2018

Tim Ralphs

How to Spin Enchantment

Tim Ralphs offers up a selection of stories from Basile's 17th century Neapolitan collection: The Pentamerone. This is a collection of some of the most lyrical, characterful and hysterical fairytales ever roused from their inky sleep on the page and offered up for performance. Seven Godmothers, a sleeping Prince, a weeping girl and an enchanted doll that makes its owner crave more stories.
27th April 2018

‘Sparkling stories for a sparkling evening’.

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary with a  selection of  great tellers and stories, please join us for a great evening of entertainment
25th May 2018
Sef Townsend
 "The Pongo's Dream"
An evening of  tales from that 'other', often overlooked, América -  from the deserts, and mountains; from ast plains, and from islands at the end of the earth.These are the stories of the people who disappeared from the land, the secret stories of those who survived, and of those now inhabiting all corners of this remarkable world. They are accompanied by the captivating rhythms of the Tango, Cueca and Chacarera from Iñigo Mikeleiz Berrade on Button Accordion.