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Surrey Storytellers
A Storytelling Club for Adults, in Ewell, Surrey

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26th May 2017    Sarah Rundle
The Forest of Chance Encounters, or She Gave Me Pizza With Murder In Her Heart.
Four boys go into a wood, but not all of them come out again.
Based on four seemingly unconnected stories from Italo Calvino’s collection of Italian Folktales : one boy chases a hare into a forest and stumbles upon a mysterious palace, another takes cash instead of a bride, a third loses his wife whilst chasing his wedding ring.  And the fourth story?  Well, that’s a chance for the women to answer back.

"That was frigging amazing."

"Perfect, simply perfect." Suzi

"Magnificent! The vibrant characters shall be adventuring within my psyche for a long time! Thank you so much for such rich weaving of stories that simmer and turn well done! C

Previous Tellings and visitor comments
23rd June 2017 James Canvin
The Glistering Road

A prince looks to build the greatest court in Provence, a shepherd stumbles across an ancient treasure, and an old doctor marries the most beautiful woman in the city. Be careful what you wish for...

"A lovely show! Joy and woe woven fine. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening."

"Great story, James, or is that stories...perfectly interwoven."

"Well done, James, that was amazing! Loved your inception style stories within a story." Laura.

"James has the most beautiful storytelling style. As soon as he began time slipped away and effortless I was in another world. Eloquent, exquisite elegance that so flawlessly interwove stories, intricate rhythms that swung between light and dark, such a beautiful experience, it shall simmer. Thank you." Gemma.

"What I liked about James' story, and that is apart from his timing, his poise, his pauses, his movement, his singing and his voice, is how he weaves stories (and very different ones) into his story." Roy Fenton.

"James Canvin's storytelling is pure spellbinding magic from the first word to the last. Natural, deft, apparently effortless, he makes you believe you are there every step of the way. The real thing." Catherine Paver

21st July 2017   Nell Phoenix
Little Red Riding Hood and Other Lost Girls

The fairytale world is littered with girls who are lost or mislaid, and very few are as innocent as you might first imagine. Nell Phoenix strays from the path in search of young, and not so young, women who have played in the woods, forgotten the rules, and should have at least had an inkling, that something was likely to go horribly wrong.