28th June 2019

James Canvin




Dionysus is the ancient Greek deity of wine, fertility and theatre. He appears in many tales but his own is rarely told... Join James Canvin on a dance down the fine line between ecstacy and madness as he goes in search of the wild stories of the twice-born God.



26th July 2019

Ensemble Evening

Persian Delights



Our regular tellers will be telling stories from Persia to be set free into the Ewell evening air.Love, Adventure, Mystery and Intrigue and perhaps something  very exotic.



24th August 2019

Picnic in the Park


Join us for a picnic and maybe a story or two in Bourne Hall Gardens! Bring food, drink (and perhaps a story) to share on the lawn in front of Bourne Hall if it’s a  typical English summer (i.e. raining) then we'll be in the Wheatsheaf pub round the corner.
Bourne Hall, Spring Street,
Ewell, KT17 1UF

27th September 2019

Tom Van Outryre

The Puppet Player

A puppetplayer on the road.
He goes where his heart brings him… but time after time his heart is deceived.
Only one thing can take the pain away: to bury the passion… 
At that crossing in his life he meets a woman that puts a mirror in front of him. And by showing his past, he sees a new path… And we, as audience, have the pleasure to join him.

26th October 2019

Lucy Lill

The Flaming Queen

When a poor young woman stumbles into a gilded palace she can’t believe her luck. Money, power and status: all hers for the taking…if she’ll do just one little thing.
This haunting wonder tale will take you on a journey from poverty to power, via the hot sweat of the underworld and asks the question: what would you do for everything you've ever wanted?

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