Saints and Dragons - Friday 23 April
It's St George's Day, and therefore we're giving ourselves over to a celebration of all things saintly and/or dragonly. Some of Surrey Storytellers' regular tellers come together to present an ensemble of tales to delight, thrill and enchant you - and possibly provide the odd cautionary tale about dealing with dragons...





First Dog - Friday 28 May

When one act changes the course of fate, even a dog must pay the price. This is the story of Dog’s quest for a master – a journey through worlds and time for a ruby collar. Dog puts the dog in dogged, the scar in scared and the love in loyalty.

Shonaleigh is the only known surviving Druts’yla, a traditional female Jewish storyteller in an age old tradition. Shonaleigh knows thousands of stories, taught to her in cycles by her Bubbe, her grandmother. The stories interconnect, revealing more and more of a magical, glorious world. Joyous, beautiful, sometimes hilarious and deeply moving – you won’t want to miss this!