28th September 2018

Tristan Langlois

  Rude, Crude and Dangerous to Know

Before Chaucer, before Bocaccio, there were the medieval French fabliaux, plumbing and parading the depths of obscenity and profanity right alongside the better known epics and romances of King Arthur. Tristan unleashes five of the funniest, foulest fabliaux in a ribald, rollicking performance guaranteed to have you laughing and protesting by turns!

26th October 2018


Ensemble Evening


Halloween and other Stories of Mystery and Strange Occurences



23rd November 2018

Double Bill

Peter Hardwick 
The lost ‘real’ world of fairy stories.


 In childhood we knew there was a magical ‘other world’ from the fairy stories we were told - until the adults told us they were just fantasies! How do we regain the awareness and wonder of this ‘other world’ ? 



The Stickneys

The Magical Mandolin


A story of transformations with a bit of magic thrown in!



25th January 2019

Alastair K. Daniel

Kings, Cobras and Carrion

Take a journey down the Nile with myths and legends that interweave themes of kingship, slavery, life, death, and rebirth. Alastair’s fascination with the culture of Ancient Egypt began with a visit to the exhibition of Tutankhamen’s treasures at the British Museum in 1972 – dreams of becoming an Egyptologist may have faded, but the love of Egypt’s stories have stayed with him.




22nd February 2019

Dave Tonge

Tales of an Itinerant Teller

 A celebration of the highs and lows of Dave’s life on the road as a storyteller, and takes a wry look at some of the more unusual places he has told, people he has met and mistakes that he has occasionally made along the way. It’s a set that begins and ends on Southend high street, by way of two ancient hollow oaks some 125 miles apart, a First World War trench, a cunningly carved conker and a rattling gate on Lindisfarne Holy Island.

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