28th September 2018

Tristan Langlois
        Rude, Crude and Dangerous to Know

Before Chaucer, before Bocaccio, there were the medieval French fabliaux, plumbing and parading the depths of obscenity and profanity right alongside the better known epics and romances of King Arthur. Tristan unleashes five of the funniest, foulest fabliaux in a ribald, rollicking performance guaranteed to have you laughing and protesting by turns!

Saturday- 18th August 2018


Our Annual picnic in Bourne Hall


 Join us for a picnic and maybe a story or two in Bourne Hall Gardens! Bring food, drink (and maybe a story) to share on the lawn in front of Bourne.Hall.

If it's a typical English summer (i.e. raining) then we'll be in the Wheatsheaf pub round the corner.
Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, KT17 1UF