26th April 2019



An Ensemble Evening with 


Duncan Williamson


Join us to celebrate the story and stories of Duncan Williamson – our ensemble of storytellers bringing alive Duncan’s amazing tales of magic and mayhem.


Hugh Lupton said of Duncan: “He was quite simply the greatest bearer of stories and songs in the English-speaking world”.





24th May 2019



The Steampunk Storyteller and Duke Box


Gifts from the Sea

Belinda McKenna and Jack Bicknell meld their story, song and steampunk interests into lively yet thought provoking performances. A weave of traditional stories blended with modern songs, in which a young fisherman wishes for a wife and gets more than he bargained for.

28th June 2019




 James Canvin




Dionysus is the ancient Greek deity of wine, fertility and theatre. He appears in many tales but his own is rarely told... Join James Canvin on a dance down the fine line between ecstacy and madness as he goes in search of the wild stories of the twice-born God.

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